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Reliance offers the Caller Tune service to its subscribers wherein they can greet every caller with a song of their choice. Subscribers can select from a wide range of songs available in the library. Reliance users can make their friends listen to their favorite song every time they call.


Dial 51234 & say “Caller Tunes”


Just dial 51234 from your Reliance Mobile or Hello phone and say “Caller Tunes”. You will hear a voice prompt that will provide you with the list of categories. You can choose any category by saying its name. You can select any song by pressing “2” from your phone and following the instructions.


The current menu in the library includes the following categories: They can choose from a wide range of categories

Charges for the Caller Tune Service

Dial 51234: Rs. 6/min. Caller Tune

Subscription: Rs. 30/mth

Tune Download: Rs.15/tune for 90 days.






Step 1: To subscribe, click on R World (R World) > Callertunes > Subscribe


Step 2 : To set your favourite tune Click on R World > CallerTune > Set CallerTune > (Select category) > (Select song)


Procedure for Subscription and Tune Download
Switch over from a boring tring-tring to interesting tunes for everyone who calls you. Reliance caller tunes enables you to select & set your tune from a vast library of memorable & popular tunes.



How to Subscribe
You can subscribe and set a tune, through the following means:




To get subscribed and set your favorite tune SMS CT <tune code> to 51234 Charges Rs.3/sms

Charges: Dial 51234: Rs. 6/min. Caller Tune Subscription: Rs. 30/mth, Tune Download: Rs.15/tune for 90 days (*Special Pricing for Promotional Tunes, Information against respective tunes.)


Search Your Callertune



SMS Search: Search your favorite Songs/ Movie Albums in our library by sending SMS " (Tune/ Song Name)" to 51234 999 toll free. The service lists the songs or tunes with matching names as given by the customer in the sms, and the customer can download and set the tune by replying with the serial No. of the tune listing in the search.


Ex: A customer sends the text "Pappu Can't Dance" as search SMS to 51234 999. Once The search application replies with tune listings as follows:
1. Pappu can't dance
2. Pappu Ka shaadi
3. Pappu bada
4. Pappu paapi

For more songs SMS "More" to 51234 999"
Customer can set the required song by seining SMS "1" to 51234.



All SMS's in the process of searching and setting the tune through this means are free.

Star Copy Feature

Now getting your favourite tune has become even more easy.

Liked your friend’s Callertune? Now you can copy the callertune & set it on your Reliance phone –
It’s very Simple! Just call your friend, and while the Callertune is playing on his Reliance Phone, simply press the key from your Reliance phone. That’s it – The Callertune will be automatically copied and set on your phone


Note: Remember, you can only copy the Callertune while the song is playing. Please note that you can only copy the Callertune from friends who have Reliance phones. If you do not have Callertune activated on your Reliance phone, pressing will automatically activate the service for subscription.


Charges: Song selection @ Rs 15/per tune selection Reliance Callertune subscription Rs 30/month


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