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Anant is a second Roop (Incarnation) of Lord Vishnu, means, it is worship or Pooja of Vishnu. Along with Vishnu, shesh and Yamuna are also worshipped. It is to be observed for 14 years in continuation, and is observed on the fourteenth day of Shuddha Bhadrapada. One goes to the river early morning, takes bath in it. He should bring a copper kalash (vessel with narrow opening) and keep it in the middle of Pendal raised with beautiful decoration around. In this vessel, the image of Anant or Sheshnag is kept. The Fourteen knotted thread is placed before the kalash. The water in the Kalash is imagined as synonymous to that of the water from Yamuna River. Kalash is Worshipped and Pooja is performed with all religious sites and procedures scientifically. Then the old thread is immersed in water and new one is tied around the wrist or placed around the neck.

Brahmins are offered Dakshina (Donation). After fourteen years of continuous observance of the Vrata, it is advised to release its inflictions which is known as ” Udyapana ” This Vrata was advised by Shri Krishna to Dharmaraj, in Mahabharat. In the disc, play game Dharmaraj lost to Kauravas and then Pandavas had to go to forest for 12 years and one year in excite. When Pandavas were in forest, Lord Krishna met them. Since the former had lost all their grandeur in disc play and they desired to get everything back, Lord Krishna advised them to perform this Vrata and Dharmaraj did it. The 14 knotted thread in this Vrata is known as Thread of Ananata (Anantacha Dora) which symbolizes God. – Read More

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