Ganeshpuri Karpaga Vinayakar, Kelambakkam, Tamil Nadu


Ganeshpuri Karpaga Vinayakar, Kelambakkam, Tamil Nadu

On a trip to Pillayarpatti, a famous temple of Lord Ganesha in south Tamil Nadu, Baba had a flash thought in His mind to install a Ganesha vigraham similar to the one at Pillayarpatti.

Within few weeks, a majestic six foot idol of Lord Ganesha, an exact replica of Pillayarpatti Pillayar, was instated in a temporary housing. The task of constructing a glorious temple was entrusted to one of the famous stapathis (temple architect) of Tamil Nadu. While the work of consecrating the temple was in full swing, Ganesha’s poojas were carried out ceremoniously. Apart from daily poojas, abishekams and unique alankarams were performed on all auspicious days such as Sankatahara Chaturthi, nine days of Navarathri, and more. Lord Ganesha was gaining significance.

Within nine months, a striking temple was built and the area surrounding the temple was given an astounding face lift. The dry barren land was transformed into a green paradise with a royal House for the Lord. The meteoric rise of the temple and the surroundings was beyond the realm of the human mind; there was a Divine Hand at play. A Silver Kavacham for the full idol was also readied for the grand occasion.

To add to the splendour, the Kumbabishekam event coincided with day when Baba achieved spiritual enlightenment. January 26, 2011 witnessed the Kumbabishekam of Karpaga Vinayakar in a very grand fashion. Just like an icing on the cake, the special occasion was made even more memorable by the presence and grace of Thavathiru Balamurugan Adimai, a spiritual seer and founder of the famous hillock temple of Lord Muruga at Ratnagiri.

Since the day of Kumbabishekam, the growth of Ganeshpuri has been phenomenal. The temple, gardens, fountains, and lush lawns has made the place an absolute wonder – Eden on Earth! A worship area for Naagar (Snake God) and a full fledged Yaga Salai were built in the midst of the sprawling lawn. Whatever Baba does, it has an aesthetic look, which is the Midas touch. This has created wonder not only for the external appearance of the temple but also for the presiding deity.

Karpaga Vinayakar of Ganeshpuri is adorned with splendid alankarams on various days. He takes the form of a Samasthi God just like Lord Balaji of Tirupathi. He is Siva on Monday, Muruga on Tuesday, and Meenakshi Ambal (Green Color) on Wednesdays. On Thursdays, apart from the Nija Padha Seva (Vinayakar Padham), Ganesha takes the form of Brahaspathi. On Fridays, He adorns the form of either Sukran (one of the Navagrahas) or Shakti (Ambal). On Saturdays, He blesses devotees as Venkatachalapathy with Changu (Conch) in one hand and Chakra in the other. On Sundays, He is Suryan (Sun God). All seven days are auspicious for seeking Lord Ganesha’s blessings.

It would be hard to believe that He was decorated in Indian tricolor flag – Bharat Ganesha on Independence day, as a school student during Navarathri, and much more. With Baba as the guiding light, the Alankarams and all other all tasks at the temple are carried out with complete Love and Devotion.

Address: Sree Rama Rajya,  Off Vandalur Road (Near Sushil Hari International School), Kelambakkam 603103, Tamil Nadu, India. Phone: +91-44-274 14000; +91-44-274 14877

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