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Please read the terms and conditions about the membership before joining them on YouTube!

General Terms & Conditions

  • All Discounts OR Coupons provided are only valid on Ganapati Bappa Official Shopping website.
  • All type of members will receive coupon codes from us every month and it can be use while shopping only once per month.
  • The coupon codes provided are not transferable as they can be used only using registered email address.

Premium Membership Terms & Conditions

  • Premium Membership benefits starts after completing 3 successful membership renewals but the perks related to previous membership starts from the first month.
  • Copyright footage are solely property of Ganpati Bappa Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
  • You can only ask for footages based on single video title uploaded by us on our YouTube Channel. It does not include licensing multiple video clips from different titles.
  • Only 1 Copyright Licensing will be provided a month.
  • Copyright license will be provided only for onetime use.
  • Making copies,  selling copies, transferring copies or using the same copy multiple times is against the copyright licensing certificate provided. You will receive copyright infringement notice from us if registered media mismatch within our licensing certificate.
  • After filling out following form you will receive online link from us to download requested footages along with the copyright certificate & the link will be active only for max 72 hrs.
  • If you want to change the licensing footage then can be done before we send an confirmation email about copyright licensing, once the copyright certificate is made it cannot be changed or modified.
  • For multiple copyright licensing at once please call on following phone nos or send email to [email protected]
  • For further clarification or queries call +91-8692853885 OR send email to [email protected]