Atharva Veda – The Four Vedas


Atharva Veda – The Four Vedas

The last and final section of Vedas is the Atharva Vedas, which enlightens with the knowledge of healing and magical spells. The name for this Veda is derived from the name of Sage Atharvan, as it was him who compiled this Veda. It was earlier referred to as Atharvangirasa.

Atharva Veda is completely different from the other three Vedas and is next in importance to Rig-Veda with regard to history and sociology. A different spirit pervades this Veda. Its hymns are of a more diverse character than the Rig Veda and are also simpler in language. In fact, many scholars do not consider it part of the Vedas at all. The Atharva Veda consists of spells and charms prevalent at its time, and portrays a clearer picture of the Vedic society. also has useful information about medical science, the first ever book on medicine. The knowledge put forth in Atharva Veda can be used in positive or negative way.

It is due to this reason, it was considered to be a little on the unsafe side and was kept away from the mainstream for the fear of being misused. However, after chapters from Rig-Veda consisting of verses on worship of Lord Indra were added, it is considered as a part of the Vedas. With the right use of Atharva Veda, physical ailments can be successfully cured.

Apart from that, the mantras in this book could also be used for bringing happiness into our lives. These can be in cases like finding the right life partner, child birth, compatibility in marriage etc. During the ancient period, it was possibly used for creating poisonous weapons to win in wars.

There is in all twenty Kandas (volumes) in which there are Seven Hundred and Thirty hymns. Vedic literature Atharva Veda’s a contents is said to be as old as the Rig-Veda but it was compiled as scriptures long after Rig-Veda. Atharva Veda’s purpose is different from other Vedas in the sense that it is meant to help individuals in their daily lives.

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