Ganeshji in Disneyland


Ganeshji in Disneyland

This year we have decided upon the theme of Disneyland for our 1.5 year old son and also many tiny toddlers and babies in our extended family. The idea was to attract their attention and help them understand the importance of worship.
We have installed working models of various rides found in amusement parks like giant wheel, merry go round and cup and saucer ride. Also we have put up cute little stalls of ice cream seller, Mc Donalds, lemonade stall, candy Floss etc. All the articles are made by hand including the rides. Our toy train, which has an extended handmade tracks, does a full parikrama (feri) of Ganeshji. We promote eco friendliness as used only eco-friendly or reusable materials and our murti is also eco-friendly.

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