Lord Ganesh Kartikeya Race Story – Witty & Wise Ganpati


Lord Ganesh Kartikeya Race Story – Witty & Wise Ganpati

Ganesha and His brother Lord Subramanya (Kaartikya) once had a dispute as to who was the elder of the two. The matter was referred to Lord Shiva for final decision. Shiva decided that whoever would make a tour of the whole world and come back first to the stAarting point had the right to be the elder. Subramanya flew off at once on his vehicle, the peacock, to make a circuit of the world.But the wise Ganesha went, in loving worshipfulness, around His divine parents and asked for the prize of His victory.

Lord Shiva said ” Beloved and wise Ganpati! But how can I give you the prize; you did not go around the world? ”

Ganpati Replied ” No,but I have gone around my parents. My parents represent the entire manifested universe! ”

Thus the dispute was settled in favour of Lord Ganpati, who was thereafter acknowledged as the elder of the two brothers. Mother Parvati also gave Him a fruit as a prize for this victory.

Lord Ganesh Kartikeya Race Story – Witty & Wise Ganpati: In the Ganapati Upanishad, Ganpati identified with the Supreme Self. The legends that are connected with Lord Ganpati are recorded in the Ganpati Khanda of the Brahma Vivartha Purana.

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