Plastic and pollution-free nature.


Plastic and pollution-free nature.

Household Ganesha Makhar Decoration To be considered: – Shri idol: – Eco-Friendly Material used for decoration: – Old newspapers, papers, cardboard, cotton cloth, gum, nails, wood Strips and colours (all ingredients are Eco-friendly) Subject: – Plastic and pollution-free nature. Concept: – We have used eco-friendly material for decorating the idol and for the idol of Lord Shri. Ganesha Also, while selecting the subject, sensitive and positive subjects are selected in the current situation. Plastic and pollution have resulted in environmental damage and destructed nature. It is full of plastic, polluted food, polluted water and polluted air which have killed animals, the land has become barren, the fish in the sea have died, and fishermen are getting plastic instead of fish in their nets. Due to plastic city Drainage related system are suffering from financial crisis. The appearance of the birds have become scarce. Moving to display makhar decoration in positive manner we have tried not to display harmful effects of plastic instead display how beautiful our environmental will look without using plastic and other pollutants which cause harm to our nature. Example. Stretched trees, Natural foods of livestock are fodder and fruits, seawater, and amphibious animals as well as the nutritional environment of human habitation. We have taken complete care that makhar decoration should look like a decoration and not just informative chart.

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