MUMBAI: Many families in the city are getting ready to welcome their favourite elephant-headed God into their homes during this Ganeshotsav. The markets in Thane are flooded with mandap decorations.

Here is what we is really popular this year:

Creative asanas
There are very creative asanas for Ganpati this year. Made of thermacol, these are not just colourful and attractive, each has a unique finish, too.

Eco-friendly throne models
Eco-friendly models (above, right), made with real flowers, leaves and ferns, are also available.

Flower decorations
Flowers, both fresh and synthetic, are an important part of the Ganpati decorations.

Creative jewellery
Though jewellery for Ganpati is available every year, the sheer variety this year is noteworthy. They are light and have innovative designs, too. Not just metal, even cloth mukuts (crowns) are available in different colours.