Lord Ganesha and Lord kartikeya (Subrahmanya) Story


Lord Ganesha and Lord kartikeya (Subrahmanya) Story

Lord Ganesha and Lord kartikeya Story

Ganesha is the eldest son of the God’s Shiva and Parvati. They are often considered to be the ” holy family “. His younger brother is Subrahmanya(Kartikeya), who is held in highest regard in Tamil Nadu (south India). While his brother had two consorts, one human (Valli) and one a celestial goddess (Devasena), Ganesha remained a bachelor in most traditions, therefore having no children. However some would argue about the origins of Ganesha.

There are many possibilities about his birth. Some would say that he was born of his mother and father as I have initially illustrated, but others would claim his birth was from his mother alone. Still others would say that he was born from his father Shiva alone, and others still would claim his birth was from his aunt.

In all the disagreement, there has even come the idea that he was born from no one other than himself, as he was self-born. With all the controversy surrounding his own orgins it seems hard to believe that he is the Lord of Beginnings.

Lord Ganesha and Lord kartikeya Story: One of the many stories that speak of the origins of Ganesha describes Parvati taking a bath. She did not want to be disturbed so she took dirt from her own body and formed a boy out of it. He was to stand guard for her. When Shiva returned home he was very upset to be stopped in entering his house and therefore cut-off the boys head. Parvati saw and was so sad that Shiva sent out his armies to find a head. He told them to take the head of the first individual that they saw sleeping with their head to the north. They came upon an elephant and brought back his head. As Shiva placed the head on the boy’s body he was suddenly revived and Shiva granted him the boon that he would always be worshipped before anyone could begin any undertaking. He then also became commander of his troops.

Lord Ganesha and Lord kartikeya Story: He is considered to be very wise by his followers and easily able to outwit his younger brother. There are many stories that tell of Ganesha’s wit. For instance there was the time that Subrahmanya wanted to race his bother around the world. Knowing that he would be riding on his peacock and Ganesha, as usual, would ride his mouse the race seemed to have the obvious winner before it even began. But Ganesha being wise agreed to the challenge and as his younger brother raced away to circle the earth, Ganesha remaining behind, circled his mother and father. As his overzealous brother returned Ganesha was already awarded the prize. To his brother’s distaste, Ganesha explained that he had circled their parents, whom contained the universe. For this reason Ganesha was offered a boon as the prize. He was told by his father Shiva that he would always be worshipped first.

Lord Ganesha and Lord kartikeya Story – Video Credits: Shemaroo Kids

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