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Ganesha Lord Shiva – Shiva & Ganpati

Ganesha & Lord Shiva

One says that neither peace nor war action, nor daily business can succeed unless Ganesh has previously been worshipped. This is not only true for human beings, but also for celestial creatures.

When Ganesh appeared, as …


Ganesh Broken Tusk Story – Ekdant Story

Ganesh Broken Tusk Story – Ekdant Story

Several legends explain how Ganesh broke his right tusk, which gives him the name of Ekadanta ” The Lord who has only one tusk ”

The first legend (in the Brahmanda-Purana) is related …


Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu Story

Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu Story

One day, Vishnu found out that his Valamburi Shankha had disappeared. He felt himself very annoyed. After some time, he heard the typical sound of a conch far away and recognized immediately that it …


Lord Ganesha and Lord kartikeya (Subrahmanya) Story

Lord Ganesha and Lord kartikeya Story

Ganesha is the eldest son of the God’s Shiva and Parvati. They are often considered to be the ” holy family “. His younger brother is Subrahmanya(Kartikeya), who is held in highest regard in …


Lord Ganesha Aspects – Ganpati Physical Aspects

Lord Ganesha Physical Aspects – Ganpati Aspects

Ganesha is a very unique deity and his physical aspects are of great significance. All of his features symbolize or represent something. Ganesha is the elephant headed son of Shiva and Parvati. He …


The Weapons of Lord Ganesha – Ganpati Bappa Weapons

The Weapons of Lord Ganesha – Ganpati Bappa Weapons

There are four magic in the four hands of Ganesha. As with all numbers, there are connections and correspondances which can be made between all sets of 4 (eg. the 4 …