Rig Veda – The Four Vedas


Rig Veda – The Four Vedas

One of the oldest of all Vedas, Rig Veda’s forms a very significant part of Vedas.It is difficult to determine the time when Rig a vedic literature was written down however, if some sources are to be believed, it was around 1200BC to 1500BC.

Rig Veda has 1028 Sanskrit hymns meant to invoke the blessings of Sun god, Rain god, Wind god, fire god etc. Even after being the oldest book available Rig a vedic literature provides spiritual knowledge of a very high level which is rare to be found in today’s times. Proper pronunciation of each letter is given extreme importance in Rig a vedic literature recitation.

Every sound and letter has some deep meaning attached hence needs to be properly used. Rig a vedic literature has reference to most ancient Indian wisdom that has and still is helping mankind in some or the other ways. Like the most often heard Yoga, Ayurveda and innumerous prayers (mantras) are there in the Rig a vedic literature. Although many Non-Hindus are taking intrest in learning the vedas, the percentage of Hindus keen on learning the Vedas is declining.

There is very limited awareness between the younger generation about Vedas and its benefits. And another reason could be academics and career given preference.However, the positive part is even now the mantras recited in prayers at home, poojas (worship of gods) are all a fragment of the Rig a vedic literature. Rig a vedic literature emphasizes on filling the heart and mind with noble thoughts.

Since most of the vital contribution comes from Rig a vedic literature, it would not be wrong to say Rig a vedic literature is the primary Veda; some people may even refer to Rig Veda as the Vedas.

Read more & More Information: http://aryasamajindia.org/vedas/

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