Sama Veda – The Four Vedas


Sama Veda – The Four Vedas

The third significant part that Vedas contains is the Sama Veda, pronounced as Saam Ved. The Sanskrit word Sama in English would mean hymn and Veda is Collection of wisdom. So together it means collection of knowledge about hymns. Sama a vedic literature deals in the study of music and chanting to please the divine.

Basically, from the Sama Veda’s, devotional songs were composed that would help in spiritual advancement.Initially, there were in all 1000 Shakhas (Branches) in Sama a vedic literature, unfortunately now only two Shakhas are available for learning.

They are Kauthama and Jaiminiya Shakha, the latter being in use to a very limited extent. There are in all 1875 verses in Sama a vedic literature. Out of which, 650 mantras comes under puravachika and 1225 under Uttarachika. Puravachika has four Kandas (volumes) under it, namely, Agneya, Aindra, Pavamana and Aranya kandas. And in Uttarachika there are no Kandas only 21 chapters with 1225 verses.

Sama a vedic literature is the base of Indian Classical music. It is good to first understand the meaning of the verses before reciting it but it’s equally important that these verses are said in Sanskrit, as it is, with the right intonation.

This is because when these verses were formed every letter and sound had an important role. In fact, certain times a very small difference in the pronunciation can change the meaning of the word. For instance, Swaha can become Swaaha but both have a different meaning. Swah means self and Swaaha means to present/offer. In Sama Veda, even the correct way of singing these verses are given.

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